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JR Todd

Race Recap: After a second straight first round win in Denver, J.R. Todd and the DHL Toyota team were looking for even more success in Sonoma, where Todd was the reigning Top Fuel winner.

Todd and the DHL Toyota team, led by Jon Oberhofer and Todd Smith, were solid in qualifying with three clean passes including two passes in the three-second range at the warm Sonoma Raceway. 

Todd would earn the 10th starting spot. Unfortunately, his teammate, Alexis DeJoria, was the seventh seed leading to a first round matchup of the two Toyota Racing Camrys. Todd got the advantage over DeJoria at the starting line and was able to take that advantage to the stripe, earning the holeshot round win.

That advanced him to the quarterfinals where he faced John Force for the first time. Todd was away first again, and his crew chiefs, Jon Oberhofer and Todd Smith, were on it with the best run of the session, a 3.973, giving Todd the round win to move to the semi-finals. 

His semi-final draw was Jack Beckman. Todd's DHL Toyota Camry had immediate issues, but never gave up. Beckman was ahead but broke and was idling down the track. Todd pedaled and pedaled, got the DHL Toyota to cooperate, and he was able to just drive by Beckman at the stripe moving Todd to the final round for the first time in since Charlotte and the second time in his short Funny Car career.

In the final, Todd drew Tim Wilkerson. Todd was away first and drove his DHL Toyota straight down the track to defeate a tire-smoking Tim Wilkerson. 

Todd scored many records in victory including becoming the first African-American Funny Car winner, first former Junior Dragster competitor to win in Funny Car and the 16th driver in NHRA history to win both nitro classes. He becomes the first driver in Traxxas Shootout history to compete in both classes. 

Qualified: No. 10 (3.947 sec., 329.50 mph)

  • E1: Todd defeated DeJoria  - 3.953 sec., 326.08 mph to 3.950 sec., 309.84 mph
  • E2: Todd defeated J. Force - 3.973 sec., 324.90 mph to 4.030 sec., 323.50 mph
  • E3: Todd defeated Beckman - 5.741 sec., 283.73 mph to 5.920 sec., 118.43 mph
  • Final: Todd defeated Wilkerson - 4.049 sec., 323.27 mph to 6.823 sec., 100.26 mph

Quotable: "I was able to win here last year in Top Fuel and to be able to do it this year in a Funny Car is pretty special. I love this track. This place is magical."

"It’s cool. To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, purple, guy or girl, you go out there and race as hard as you can. People don’t know what I look like when I’ve got the helmet on. It was cool when I did it in Denver and they told me about it after I won there. I had no idea. I was just happy to win my first Top Fuel event and I feel the same way now. I’m just happy to win a Funny Car event."

"It’s always special to come back here with the history of Eric winning here and we won here together in 2006. They honor him every year. His mom, Mimi, came up to me yesterday with a picture from (artist) Kenny Youngblood just like she did last year, but this year it’s our DHL Toyota Funny Car. So I had that with me every round today and it worked out again. It’s pretty awesome to come back here and win in Funny Car because Eric was extremely passionate about Funny Cars. I think he’d be pretty happy about that.”

Point Standings: Ninth; trails Tim Wilkerson by three points for eighth; leads Cruz Pedregon by 154 points for 10th

Doug Kalitta

Kalitta claims round win

Race Recap: Sonoma Raceway will always have a special place in the memory banks for Doug Kalitta. The Mac Tools driver scored his first No.1 qualifier and race win here in 1998 and is the all-time winner in Top Fuel with five victories. 

Kalitta had another strong performance in qualifying. The Mac Tools Toyota scored bonus points in three of the four qualifying sessions. He earned the third starting spot with a 3.694 second effort in the Friday evening session.

In the first round, Kalitta faced rookie contender Shawn Reed. They were identical off of the line, but the Mac Tools machine was rolling away quickly. Reed suffered problems, and Kalitta was clean to the stripe to score the round win. 

In the second round, Kalitta just missed scoring lane choice against the points leader Steve Torrence. Unfortunately, Kalitta had near immediate tire smoke. He pedaled but Torrence was on a solid lap to score the round win.

Qualified: No. 3 (3.694 sec., 331.28 mph)

  • E1: Kalitta defeated Reed - 3.751 sec., 330.07 mph to 8.466 sec., 79.16 mph
  • E2: Kalitta defeated by Torrence - 7.030 sec., 106.28 mph to 3.760 sec., 327.90 mph

Quotable: “The Mac Tools team is running strong; just too much power in the second round. I am proud of my guys and know we will have a car to contend next weekend in Seattle.

Point Standings: Sixth; trails Brittany Force by two points for fifth; leads Clay Millican by 72 points for seventh.

Shawn Langdon

Langdon continues run of early round success

Race Recap: The Global Electronic Technology team and driver Shawn Langdon focused on their goal of continued to gain on the top ten in the point standings.

They helped their case with a good showing in Toyota Sonoma Nationals qualifying. The Global Electronic Technology Toyota machine was solid in both evening qualifying sessions including earning a bonus point in the final qualifying effort on Saturday. Langdon would be seeded seventh with his 3.722 second pass that was recorded on Friday evening.

In the first round, Langdon faced formidable newcomer Mike Salinas. However, Salinas left before the tree was activated giving the round win to Langdon immediately. Langdon would score low reaction time of the session and run a solid 3.763.

In the quarterfinals, Langdon got the jump on Brittany Force, before Langdon faced tire smoke. Force was also struggling and the drivers pedaled before Langdon shredded a blower belt giving the round win to Force.  

Qualified: No. 7 (3.722 sec., 327.59 mph) 

  • E1: Langdon defeated Salinas - 3.763 sec., 323.66 mph to no time
  • E2: Langdon defeated by B. Force - 4.110 sec., 271.46 mph to 4.071 sec., 264.75 mph

Quotable: “We made up a little ground on the top ten and that is our primary focus right now. I had that race in the second round against Brittany (Force). She made a great run in the first round and that put us in a position where e needed to step our car up a little bit. We did a little too much and we both smoked the tires. I was coming on her strong and it broke the blower belt about 100 feet before the finish line. I am excited to get to Seattle. We are close."

Point Standings: 11th; trails Troy Coughlin Jr. by 28 points for 10th

Troy Coughlin JR

Coughlin Jr. takes positives from first round loss

Race Recap: Coughlin Jr. continued to gain confidence and the SealMaster team was excited to head to beautiful Sonoma Raceway for the Toyota Sonoma Nationals.

Qualifying did not go as planned, but the SealMaster team got a great hold on it in the final pass to run a 3.824 second pass at only 296mph. That moved Coughlin Jr. solidly into the field in the 11th starting spot.

Coughlin Jr. faced a tough draw in the first round with points leader Steve Torrence in the other lane. Torrence got the early edge, and the SealMaster machine was trying to gain ground when it suffered problems ending Coughlin's day in round one.

Qualified: No. 11 (3.824 sec., 296.18 mph) 

E1: Coughlin Jr. defeated by Torrence - 4.401 sec., 208.97 mph to 3.750 sec., 327.59 mph

Quotable: “The SealMaster Toyota team is learning a lot and really gaining. Our confidence is up. I need to get off the line a little better and I am looking forward to Seattle."

Point Standings: 10th; trails Scott Palmer by 47 points for ninth; leads Shawn Langdon by 28 points for 11th

Alexis DeJoria

DeJoria's falls to teammate in first round

Race Recap: For the fourth time in the past five events, Alexis DeJoria raced her way to a top-half qualifying spot at the Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals.
As the No. 7 qualifier, DeJoria was positioned to race her 10th qualified teammate, J.R. Todd, in the first round of eliminations on race day.
In the battle of the Kalitta Motorsports Toyota Camrys, both cars made respectable runs in the three-second zone, but unfortunately, Todd was able to power his Camry across the finish line first, ending DeJoria’s day. 

Qualified: No. 7 (3.926 sec., 331.20 mph)

  • E1: DeJoria defeated by Todd - 3.950 sec., 309.84 mph to 3.953 sec., 326.08 mph

Point Standings: 14th; trails Cruz Pedregon by 73 points for 10th

Doug Kalitta Sat

Doug Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 3.747 sec. at 326.71 MPH
Q2: 3.694 sec. at 331.28 MPH
Q3: 3.783 sec. at 329.10 MPH
Q4: 6.610 sec. at 102.21 MPH

Bonus Points: 4 pts. (Third best of the first session, Third best of the second session, second best of the third session)
Starting Position: 3rd
First Round Matchup: Shawn Reed
Quotable: “A really solid effort by the whole Mac Tools team here in qualifying. We had three nice runs that earned us some bonus points, and we have a great setup heading into tomorrow. Toyota is the sponsor of this race and we always want to perform well in front a partner that does so much for our team." 
Note: Kalitta's second qualifying run at 331.28 MPH reset the Sonoma Raceway Track Record.

Shawn Langdon Sat

Shawn Langdon, driver of the Global Electronic Technology Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 6.289 sec. at 101.68 MPH
Q2: 3.722 sec. at 327.59 MPH
Q3: 4.867 sec. at 149.61 MPH
Q4: 3.793 sec. at 322.96 MPH

Bonus Points: 1 pt. (Third best in the last session.)
Starting Position: 7th
First Round Matchup: Mike Salinas
Quotable: "We made a great run that only ended up seventh on Friday night and we were able to make a good run in Q4 as well. We have confidence heading into tomorrow. Mike (Salinas) is a part-time player, but he is dangerous. He was quick that last run. It will be an interesting day. Hopefully we can go a couple rounds because we need to make up those points before we head to Seattle. I have a lot of confidence in my Global Electronic Technology Toyota team." 

Tory Coughlin Jr Sat

Troy Coughlin Jr., driver of the SealMaster Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 4.030 sec. at 222.95 MPH
Q2: 6.548 sec. at 81.99 MPH
Q3: 5.911 sec. at 107.86 MPH
Q4: 3.824 sec. at 296.18 MPH

Starting Position: 11th
First Round Matchup: Steve Torrence

Quotable: "The SealMaster Toyota is ready for eliminations at the Sonoma Toyota Nationals here tomorrow. We are running a great opponent; but the team and I will be focused. We are excited to go into tomorrow and will have a blast."

JR Todd Sat

J.R. Todd, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 4.039 sec. at 305.01 MPH
Q2: 3.947 sec. at 329.50 MPH
Q3: Immediate tire smoke; the DHL team did not make it to the line to score an official elapsed time 
Q4: 3.970 sec. at 328.22 MPH

Starting Position: 10th

First Round Matchup: Alexis DeJoria
Quotable: "The DHL Toyota Camry has run pretty well so far this weekend. It stinks the way the ladder worked out tomorrow, but it will not change the way we race. We are here to win, and that is what we are going to go out and try to do tomorrow."

Alexis DeJoria Sat

Alexis DeJoria, driver of the Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 4.038 sec. at 278.86 MPH 

Q2: 3.947 sec. at 329.50 MPH
Q3: 4.122 sec. at 306.05 MPH
Q4: 4.000 sec. at 307.23 MPH

Starting Position: 7th

First Round Matchup: J.R. Todd

Doug Kalitta prerace

All-time Sonoma Top Fuel winner, Kalitta, looks to add to his tally

Sonoma Highlights: Five wins (2005, 2004, 2000, 1999, 1998); One final (2002); Four No.1 qualifiers (2012, 2004, 2003, 1998)

Last Event Recap (Denver): Qualified second; Quarterfinal finish (Defeated Greg Carrillo in the first round, lost to Antron Brown in the quarterfinals)

2016 Sonoma Recap: Qualified third; Semifinalist (Defeated Bill Litton in the first round and Brittany Force in the quarterfinals, lost to J.R. Todd in the semifinals)

Quotable: “Historically, Sonoma has been a great place for me. I scored my first win there, but it has been a while since we have celebrated a victory at this awesome track. I would love to get this Mac Tools Toyota in the winner’s circle at Toyota’s event this weekend.”

Career Stats: 448 starts, 607 round wins (ninth all-time), 42 wins (Fifth all-time in Top Fuel), 89 finals, 47 no.1 qualifiers (13th all-time)

2017 Season Stats: Two finals (Pomona-I, Norwalk); One no.1 qualifier (Norwalk); 18 round wins; fifth in the standings

Noteworthy: Kalitta is the all-time Top Fuel win leader at Sonoma Raceway with five wins; Kalitta scored his first no.1 qualifier and first win at Sonoma in 1998

Shawn Langdon prerace

Langdon plans on continuing to close the gap on the top ten in Sonoma

Sonoma Highlights: One win (2013); One Final (2014)

Last Event Recap (Denver): Qualified fifth; First round loss (Lost to Terry Haddock in the first round)

2016 Sonoma Recap (w/ DSR): Qualified fourth; First round loss (Lost to Scott Palmer in the first round)

Quotable: “I am excited to get to Sonoma. It is one of my favorite tracks; it is a great place to race with great air that allows you to make a lot of power. Coming into this race, we are 50 points out of tenth with the Global Electronic Technology team and I think Sonoma could be the turning point.” 

Career Stats: 195 starts, 237 round wins, 14 wins, 28 finals, 18 no.1 qualifiers

2017 Season Stats: 10 starts; Seven round wins; 11th in the point standings

Noteworthy: Joined Kalitta Motorsports from Don Schumacher Racing after Las Vegas in a full-time third Top Fuel entry

Troy Coughlin Jr prerace

Coughlin Jr. looks for improvement in Sonoma

Noteworthy: 15th career pro event; a candidate for Auto Club Road to Future trophy (best rookie driver); father is former two-time Pro Mod champion (Troy Coughlin Sr.); uncle is former six-time NHRA champion (Jeg Coughlin Jr.); part of Coughlin family with 113 career wins

Last Event Recap (Denver): Qualified 16th; First round loss (Lost to Leah Pritchett in the first round)

Quotable: “The SealMaster Toyota team is learning a lot a a rapid pace and we cannot wait for the Toyota Sonoma Nationals. Optimism and confidence is on the rise for the whole group.” 

2017 Season Stats: 14 starts; Four round wins; 10th in the point standings

Career Info: Five national event wins (Three in Super Gas, Two in Super Comp); 2013 Division III Super Gas Champion; 2015 NHRA Pro Mod Rookie of the Year

JR Todd prerace

Defending Top Fuel event champion, Todd, looks to score Funny Car triumph

Sonoma Highlights: Two wins (2016, 2006); One No. 1 qualifier (2009)

Last Event Recap (Denver): Qualified eighth; Quarterfinal finish (Defeated Tim Wilkerson in the first round, lost to Jim Campbell in the quarterfinals)

2016 Sonoma Recap (Top Fuel): Qualified seventh; Race Winner (Defeated Clay Millican in the first round, Antron Brown in the quarterfinals, Doug Kalitta in the semifinals and Richie Crampton in the final)

Quotable: “Sonoma is one of my favorite tracks and it’s always nice to be heading back to sea level after coming off the mountain in Denver. Our DHL Toyota showed really good promise so I’m anxious to get back in the seat on Friday.” 

Career Stats: 162 starts, 157 round wins, 9 wins, 19 finals, 9 no.1 qualifiers (Funny Car stats: 13 starts, One final (Charlotte); Eight round wins)

2017 Season Stats: 14 starts; One final (Charlotte-I); eight round wins; ninth in the point standings

Noteworthy: Attempting to become the 16th driver in NHRA history with a Top Fuel and Funny Car win; DHL celebrating 10th season of NHRA sponsorship; one of four active drivers with multiple Top Fuel wins in Sonoma (Kalitta, Antron Brown, Tony Schumacher)

Alexis DeJoria prerace

DeJoria Sonoma pre-race notes

Last Event Recap (Denver): Qualified 11th; First round loss (Lost to Jack Beckman in the first round)

2016 Sonoma Recap: Qualified 11th; First round loss (Lost to John Force in the first round)

Career Stats: 126 starts; 87 round wins; Four wins; Seven finals, Four no.1 qualifiers

2017 Season Stats: 11 starts; Five round wins; 14th in the point standings

Doug Kalitta Sunday Denver 

Kalitta falls in close second round race

Race Recap: Doug Kalitta and the Mac Tools team were focused on starting the annual Western Swing strong.

After a starter issue in the first qualifying session, the Mac Tools Toyota Top Fuel dragster was on point through the remainder of qualifying. Kalitta was on the provisional pole after his 3.767 second pass. However, for the second time in the last four events, it was taken from him in the final qualifying session. Still, the Mac Tools team was pleased with the second starting spot and their three clean qualifying passes.

First up for Kalitta was the debuting Greg Carrillo. Kalitta and Carrillo were off of the line together but the Mac Tools machine was ahead by the 60 foot line and never looked back as he took the opening round win. 

In the quarterfinals, Kalitta drew defending champion Antron Brown. The Mac Tools dragster had lane choice, and Kalitta was able to get the jump on Brown at the starting line. Kalitta's holeshot advantage had the Mac Tools Toyota ahead at the 330 foot line but Brown was able to drive around Kalitta soon after and win by mere inches. 

Qualified: No. 2 (3.767 sec., 323.97 mph)

E1: Kalitta defeated Carrillo - 3.827 sec., 320.20 mph to 4.344 sec., 281.01 mph

E2: Kalitta defeated by Brown - 3.814 sec., 324.75 mph to 3.796 sec., 315.34 mph

Quotable: “Just lost a close race to another great competitor. Nothing to hang our heads about. We will get this Mac Tools Toyota reloaded and ready for Sonoma."

Point Standings: Fifth; trails Tony Schumacher by 101 points for fourth; leads Brittany Force by two points for sixth


Dropped cylinder ends Todd's day in the quarterfinals

Race Recap: After seeing continued progress with their performance, the DHL team and driver J.R. Todd were eager to get the Western Swing started.

The DHL Toyota made three clean passes in qualifying and were very solid on Saturday as both of their runs ranked among the top five in each session. Their best, a 3.986, came in the final session and made the DHL team one of only ten drivers to make it in the three second bracket in the extreme altitude conditions in Denver.

Todd would earn the eighth seed and a first round race with Tim Wilkerson, who Todd is chasing for the eighth spot in the point standings. Todd and Wilkerson left together but the DHL Toyota was ahead by the time they passed the tree and took his second consecutive first round win. 

In the second round, Todd chose his lane against his competitor, Jim Campbell. Todd got the advantage at the starting line but immediately lost a cylinder aboard his DHL Toyota Camry. That would cost the team as they would only reach 301 mph and Campbell was making his best pass of the weekend in the other lane to take the win. 

Qualified: No. 8 (3.986 sec., 317.94 mph) 

E1: Todd defeated Wilkerson  - 4.072 sec., 316.30 mph to 4.203 sec., 263.98 mph

E2: Todd defeated by Campbell - 4.198 sec., 301.60 mph to 4.084 sec., 286.92 mph

Quotable: "It is unfortunate. We put a cylinder out at the hit of the throttle in the second round and it cost us that run. The guys behind us in points went rounds, so we need to go to Sonoma in attack mode, go some rounds and stay in the top ten." 

Point Standings: Ninth; trails Tim Wilkerson by 22 points for eighth; leads Cruz Pedregon by 74 points for 10th


Mechanical woes derail promising weekend for Langdon

Race Recap: Langdon and the Global Electronic Technology team came into the Western Swing looking to continue to gain on the top ten in the point standings.

Qualifying proved to be stellar for the Connie Kalitta and Rob Flynn-tuned Global Electronic Technology machine. Four passes in the three second range was highlighted by a 3.781 second pass that was ran in the final session and scored Langdon a valuable bonus point. 

Langdon started the day in the fifth position and a first round draw of Terry Haddock. The NHRA Safety crew nearly shut the Global Electronic Technology machine off at the starting line due to a fuel leak, but allowed them to continue. However, despite Langdon nearly getting a tenth of a second reaction time advantage, the Global Electronic Technology machine would suffer problems down track. Langdon masterfully pedaled but was unable to get the round win ending the race weekend for the Global Electronic Technology team. 

Qualified: No. 6 (3.759 sec., 319.37 mph) 

E1: Langdon defeated by Haddock - 4.393 sec., 247.07 mph to 4.171 sec., 280.31 mph

Quotable: “Not something we were expecting there. It was a good opportunity for us. We were later in the round and was able to see the three guys in front of us go out. We just had a manifold leak, and they actually almost shut us off on the starting line because it leaking a little fuel. It just sucks. It is how it goes. You have to take the good with the good and the bad with the bad. It is just unfortunate because we had a good car in qualifying; definitely a top five car. All we can do is fix our mistakes, make sure it doesn't happen again and go to Sonoma and try to make up ground there."

Point Standings: 11th; trails Troy Coughlin Jr. by 50 points for 10th


Coughlin Jr. takes positives from first round loss

Race Recap: Coughlin Jr. and the SealMaster team was eager to get to their first Western Swing as a team. First up, the challenging Bandimere Speedway in Denver.

Qualifying did not lead to the desired results for the SealMaster Toyota as they failed to make a clean pass. The Saturday's first session saw a minor fire, but the SealMaster team worked hard and found some issues directly prior to final session in qualifying that they worked late in night solving.

Coughlin Jr.'s first round oppoenent for the second straight race was Leah Pritchett. Coughlin Jr. got a nice jump on the starting line and had the advantage past 60 feet. However, Pritchett was able to get by soon after with the low elapsed time of the first session. However, even in the loss, Coughlin Jr. was able to look at the positives as he continues his Western Swing journey to Sonoma next weekend. 

Qualified: No. 16 (5.695 sec., 115.28 mph) 

E1: Coughlin Jr. defeated by Pritchett - 3.966 sec., 256.31 mph to 3.797 sec., 321.58 mph

Quotable: “The SealMaster Toyota guys have really turned a corner. We have great leadership with Jim O, Nick, Glen and Donnie. They figured out we had an electrical issue. We have identified the problem and have got it fixed. We will have the SealMaster Toyota cleaned up and ready to put on a great show for the Toyota Sonoma Nats."

Point Standings: 10th; trails Scott Palmer by 32 points for ninth; leads Shawn Langdon by 50 points for 11th


DeJoria's day ends early

Race Recap: Team Patrón started off the weekend in the Mile High City with a solid 4.010 run, but struggled with the challenges that come with racing 6,000-feet above sea level throughout the remainder of qualifying.
The Nicky Boninfante and Tommy DeLago-lead team qualified 11th for race day, pitting Alexis DeJoria against Jack Beckman in round one of eliminations. The Patrón Camry ran a competitive 4.056, but despite outrunning 11 of the 16 first round contenders, came up short against Beckman’s 4.027.

Qualified: No. 11 (4.010 sec., 322.65 mph)

E1: DeJoria defeated by Beckman - 4.056 sec., 316.90 mph to 4.027 sec., 320.20 mph

Point Standings: 14th; trails Del Worsham by 20 points for 13th

Doug Kalitta Sat

Doug Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: No run; mechanical malfunction
Q2: 3.767 sec. at 323.97 MPH
Q3: 3.797 sec. at 324.28 MPH
Q4: 3.818 sec. at 316.45 MPH

Bonus Points: 3 pts. (Best of the second session)
Starting Position: 2nd
First Round Matchup: Greg Carrillo
Quotable: “Bummer to lose another no.1 qualifier in the last session, but my guys have been working hard and we have a great handle on this Mac Tools Toyota. I am really excited to get to race day. I know we have a great shot at the win.

Shawn Langdon Sat

Shawn Langdon, driver of the Global Electronic Technology Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 3.897 sec. at 263.05 MPH
Q2: 3.795 sec. at 313.37 MPH
Q3: 3.827 sec. at 310.13 MPH
Q4: 3.781 sec. at 322.96 MPH

Bonus Points: 1 pt. (Third best of the final session)
Starting Position: 5th
First Round Matchup: Terry Haddock
Quotable: "We have continuously picking at it every run and it has been making improvements each run with the Global Electronic Technology machine. The runs we were trying to make is what we were running. The car is being very consistent. It is just a matter of adjusting to the elevation and getting the tune-up right. I am excited for tomorrow and I am excited to go rounds."

Sealmaster Troy Coughlin

Troy Coughlin Jr., driver of the SealMaster Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 6.287 sec. at 111.69 MPH
Q2: 13.129 sec. at 69.83 MPH
Q3: 5.695 sec. at 115.26 MPH
Q4: The SealMaster team found a last minute electrical issue and elected not to make the run. 

Starting Position: 16th
First Round Matchup: Leah Pritchett

Quotable: "I am going to try to be the best I can be on the starting line in the SealMaster Toyota tomorrow. We are planning on going A-to-B. I know that is possible. I have 110% faith in my SealMaster team and I know we will have it figured out for Sunday."

JR Todd Sat

J.R. Todd, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 4.078 sec. at 308.35 MPH
Q2: 8.583 sec. at 80.08 MPH
Q3: 4.048 sec. at 319.60 MPH
Q4: 3.986 sec. at 317.42 MPH

Starting Position: 8th

First Round Matchup: Tim Wilkerson
Quotable: "It is nice to get another run in the threes for these DHL guys. It has been a while. I think we are going in the right direction for raceday. That run should be a good baseline for tomorrow."

Alexis Dejoria Saturday

Alexis DeJoria, driver of the Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 4.010 sec. at 322.65 MPH 
Q2: 13.980 sec. at 77.49 MPH
Q3: 6.591 sec. at 100.07 MPH
Q4: 7.351 sec. at 88.91 MPH

Starting Position: 11th

First Round Matchup: Jack Beckman


MORRISON, COLO. (July 21, 2017) – Doug Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools Toyota Top Fuel dragster, blazed down Bandimere Speedway this evening to a track record elapsed time and provisional top qualifying position for this weekend's Mile High Nationals.

After having an issue with the starter in the first round of qualifying, Kalitta and the Mac Tools team were forced to run early in Friday's final qualifying passes. They were unfazed as Kalitta sped down the track in 3.767 seconds breaking the old track record. Kalitta was forced to watch many more machines take their shot, but none would defeat him and he would rank at the top after two qualifying sessions competed. 

"I am so proud of Jim, Troy and this whole Mac Tools Toyota team," said Kalitta. "They bounced back from adversity and really came out strong in that session. This track has been so good to so to Kalitta family for years, and I hope to carry that tradition on as we continue this weekend."

Shawn Langdon also made a solid pass in the evening session and is currently seeded fifth after just missing bonus points in the first session. Troy Coughlin Jr.'s SealMaster Toyota is 13th. In Funny Car, Alexis DeJoria holds seventh and J.R. Todd ranks 10th.

Qualifying resumes tomorrow at 4:30pmMT.

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Mello Yello Championship Points

Top Fuel (Unofficial)

1. Steve Torrence (183)
2. Doug Kalitta (144)
3. Tony Schumacher (140)
4. Scott Palmer (139)
5. Antron Brown (133)
6. Clay Millican (122)
7. Leah Pritchett (90)
8. Brittany Force (86)
9. Billy Torrence (71)
10. Greg Carrillo (66)
15. Richie Crampton (51)

Funny Car (Unofficial)

1. Matt Hagan (179)
2. Courtney Force (160)
3. Ron Capps (139)
4. Robert Hight (133)
5. Tommy Johnson Jr.  (128)
6. Jack Beckman (122)
7. Jonnie Lindberg (107)
8. Shawn Langdon (104)
9. John Force (95)
10. J.R. Todd (83)